About Us

Sewing has always been my go-to.  I started sewing at a very early age.  It was a way to acquire things that I would not have otherwise expected to receive or been able to purchase.  Sewing began with rather intricate things.  I never had a Barbie, but my version of it surely needed clothes!  So I made her beautiful outfits.  Naturally, that also led me to start sewing clothes for myself.  My mom showed me the basics and as I entered high school, I took all the classes possible to learn what l could about sewing.

Then one day, I met my future mother-in-law and my world of sewing took a major turn.  She brought me upstairs to her sewing room and what I saw made my heart leap for joy.  All over her table were little piles of cut pieces of beautiful fabrics and over the railing were strips of fabrics ready for the construction of a quilt.  A quilt! 

Not long after that introduction to quilting, I began to plan my first quilt and the rest is history as they say. 

Quilting has been a passion of mine for about 27 years.  I really don’t know how many quilts I have made; I lost track after 95 or so.  I am a hand quilter.  Logically, all my quilts have been hand quilted.  I love the hand work and the texture of the quilts as a result.  I owe a debt of gratitude to my mother-in-law, Mary Vermeer, for teaching me the skill of hand quilting.  She was the best!

I find myself in the season of life where our five children no longer need any clothes made, they each have a quilt or two (or three), and they have ventured out on their own.  I also find myself still excited to work on the next quilt project, to explore new techniques, and to keep learning.  To share this as a mom, an aunt, a sister and a friend gives me the most satisfaction.  It is my way to give back to the quilting industry and to ignite the love of quilting into the next generation.  Welcome to Blueberry Quilt Co. and my take on quilts.  I hope you find something that appeals to you and inspires you to create a beautiful quilt of your own.

-- Lorraine Vermeer