Feature Fabrics: “Kaisley Rose” by Poppie Cotton

“Along the Fence Rows” - A new PDF available TODAY!

When I see feature fabrics that are just too pretty to cut up, I design using them as a focus fabric. In this quilt, you can see how the large one-piece blocks allow for just that! Why cut up such beauty! When the designer goes through such lengths to all this detail I just like to let it shine so that we can enjoy it to the fullest.

I have been wanting to explore the use of soft curves in quilts with an easy construction. They can be intimidating, but oh so beautiful! I think I have figured out a way that any confident sewer can achieve. Check out my easy soft curve method in this pattern!

A walk along a fence row always has neat little things to explore. Aren’t these such pretty flowers and mushrooms along the fence rails? The collection “Kaisley Rose” by Poppy Cotton features a lot of nature’s pretty details that are often discovered along the fence rows!

Mini Quilt

This mini quilt is completely inspired by one fabric in this collection - Oakley. I had my “Along the Fence Rows” quilt completely put together, sandwiched and ready to hand quilt when I discovered something very interesting. As I started to notice more details while I was quilting, here right before my eyes, were the soft curves that I just incorporated in a quilt and I didn’t even know this was part of this collection. In fact, the soft curve elements along with my blueberry point (found in most of my designs), were a match I just had to explore further! How cool is that to see how this design really was meant to be for this collection! I am super excited about this mini quilt, which is actually a blown up version of this fabric - haha - and finishes at 18 1/2” x 18 1/2”. I plan to have this available as a PDF on my website once all the details are worked out.


This sampler is a design in the works. It is inspired by the Sophia fabric in this collection - my favourite!

I wanted to explore the use of the rails, which are a feature in “Along the Fence Rows”. Using different contrasting fabrics can really make them pop! I think this design just begs some embroidery. I can just visualize some pink roses in the squares among the fencing! This work in progress will be back probably next month, so stay tuned!